Hello everyone! Fatinah Al-Hmoud is your  CCTD Secretary this year! Fatinah has been involved with CCTD since the very first show of her freshman year and was thrilled to become a member of the league of extraordinary improvisers last year, as well as getting the chance to explore the technical aspects of the shows. She looks forward to spending her next to years in the CCTD with her best friend!

" I once caught Hunter eating beans in the theater."

Hunter Taylor: vICE pRESIDENT

Yadir Hannon: WEBMASTER


Sutton Anderson: President

Jimmy is a junior this year and has been with the CCTD since he was a Freshman. He is taking his second year of improvisational theatre and his first year of play production. He mostly acts but also likes to help out tech for shows. If you ever have any questions about point opportunities go to him!

"My sister is a big innfluence to me and I hope I could follow her footsteps and make props for a living."

Hello. Hunter Taylor is our Vice President for the year, after having won an astounding unopposed victory. He is fond of participating in theatre, both in plays and improvisational performances. He is ready for one last ride with Mr. Hewlett and the CCTD.

"I pledge allegiance to the grind, I'm up early tryna make mine.

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 Sutton is beyond excited to serve as this years CCTD President! As a senior, Sutton has been in theatre for over 10 years and has lost count of the number of productions she has done. Sutton hopes to get her BFA in Musical theatre in college in hopes to turn theatre into a career. Sutton has participated in many shows with the Theatre Department including performances with the League of Extraordinary Improvisers. As President, Sutton is elated to build a stronger theatre home and help in any way needed! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Sutton is your go-to gal!

   "This year is going to be EXTRA great and I can't wait to meet everyone and do a little bit of theatre along the way"


Hello everyone! Molly is your treasurer for this year! She has asked that you call her madam treasurer from now on (kidding!) she has been involved in theatre since the third grade and has been in 20+ musicals and plays. At clear creek, she is involved in the league of extraordinary improvisers as well! aside from theatre molly loves both superheroes and harry potter! And she wants you to know that if you ever have to buy her a gift, anything Sebastian stan related would work. she's excited to meet all the new department members and can't wait for an amazing senior year with the CCTD!  

"Hello, boys and boys! I hope to see you around the department this year and I hope to be a smiling face to everyone!"

Jessica Ruckstuhl: HISTORIAN


Yadir Hannon is excited to be the Clear Creek Theatre's webmaster for 2018-19! Now being a junior, he has loved performing in school shows for a few years. Yadir has participated in several CCTD shows including performances with the League of Extraordinary Improvisors and sometimes works tech! This year as Webmaster, he is pumped to maintain and expand the department's presence on the internet with the rest of the online world; keeping a professional & welcoming web space, for all CCISD departments. 

"No one ever catches on to the changes I do to the website- December 12


Fatinah Al-Hmoud: SECRETARY

Hey everyone! Jessica Ruckstuhl is your 2018-2019 clear creek theatre department historian! The CCTD has been such a big part of her life in high school so she says that it certainly can be a part of yours too! Jessica has been involved in acting as well as tech this past year so she is excited to learn more about both. She loves baseball with all of her heart and says that her favorite player is Corey Kluber, the best pitcher in the MLB (in her opinion). Jessica is so excited to see what this new year brings the CCTD and can't wait to leave her mark!

" I've always loved photography and cameras so being Historian this year is gonna be super!"